Our vision

Our vision is to bring glory to God by building the church and reaching the lost.

Building the church

We want church members to:

  • seek to glorify Jesus and make Him known by many.
  • grow in discipleship and gifting.
  • develop and grow as people of the Spirit and of the Word, teaching and applying biblical truth to the lives of the whole Church.
  • be firmly rooted in Christ and grow in faith and experience of God.
  • be a family of worship, faith and prayer growing in number, ministry and effectiveness.

Reaching the lost

Our aim is:

  • for our church to be an ambassador for Christ and His Gospel in the local community.
  • to be equipped and motivated to share our faith.
  • for the Gospel to be outworked in Small Groups where there is accountability, prayer and openness.
  • for us to be there for the poor and needy, and to befriend people.
  • to develop world vision by sending some of our best people to overseas Churches and to encourage Churches overseas by visits, money, prayer and assistance.