Come On Down

Our Adventurers club (7s – 11s) started the new term last Friday.  Each term we have a theme that we base all of the club meetings on.   Last Friday we introduced our subject for the next few weeks – we are finding out what it is like to encounter (or meet) Jesus.  In the Bible, whenever Jesus met anybody, their lives were changed forever and they were amazed at the love and wisdom that Jesus showed to them.  This week we are looking at Zacchaeus.  He was a man who had spent his life making money – as much as he could.  Some of it he made legally but much of it was made from fraud and deceit.  He was determined to see Jesus – after all Jesus was getting famous – but people were lining the road and as he wasn’t a tall man he couldn’t get a good view.  I guess anyone who knew him was not keen to do him a favour! So what did he do?  He climbed into a tree.  What he didn’t expect was for Jesus to see him up there and even more surprised when Jesus invited himself round for a meal!  Well how could Zacchaeus refuse?  But by the time Jesus left Zacchaeus had promised to return any money that he had taken illegally and to change his ways.  He believed Jesus and his life was transformed for the better.  As we tell the story and play games this week we pray that the children will understand that Jesus changes lives today – and would love to see them following him too.


John Masheder

17 September 2015

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