Our Compass Will Always Point North.

At our prayer meeting God gave us a very helpful word and picture for those times when we can feel that our life is not entirely in our control:-

A compass has a floating needle that cannot help but point north.  If you drop or shake the compass, although the needle will move and spin, whatever happens it will always settle and return to point north.

In the same way God would impress on us that as we face the storms and bumps and scrapes of the world and sometimes feel that our compass is wobbling and rotating, as if it has been dropped, and our true direction can sometimes seem hard to see, nonetheless as we rest in Jesus, our pointer will always return to north – our compass will always be realigned with him.  The Bible says we have become a new creation in Christ. He never leaves or forsakes us and however often we may feel that we drop our compass, Jesus will always ensure that we are realigned with him.

John 14:6 – I am the way the truth and the life.

As a compass brings direction to those who see it so we should be confident that we can point others to Jesus.


John Masheder

26 June 2018

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