Week of Prayer – Sunday


On Sunday – our first day of the week of prayer, we spent time with leaders from various disciplines across the church considering how prayer forms such a critical part of the life of people throughout the Bible and how prayer should equally be a theme of our lives both personally and in what we do in the church.

We heard from many people of the great things that have happened as we pray.  From solutions to personal problems to responses in the things we do as a church.  We also considered aspects of our life together that are challenging and need God to step in.

As we prayed we heard how God wants us to put off cynicism and for us to “return to the source” of all we know and do as Christians.  We are to be people of his word who take him at his word.

We prayed that he would:

  • Wake us up to his word.
  • Wake us up to the prophetic.
  • Wake us up to be creative as he is creative.

We were also challenged, where we may feel dormant, no longer to be dormant volcanoes but erupt once more.

Image result for volcano

And in prayer, to be terrier like – to keep praying like a dog that won’t let go.

Image result for dog won't let go

As the week continues I am confident there will be more and more encouraging words, pictures, testimonies and new prayers.

So continue to pray and embed prayer into your life.


John Masheder

17 January 2017

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