Week of prayer – Thursday

To be able to come into the presence of God, to be up close and personal is a privilege that can be taken for granted far too easily.  Yet we are able to do just that.  To step into the throne room of a mighty sovereign God and not just watch the proceedings from afar, but be known by name.  To kneel at the feet of the one who gave it all that we could be reconciled for eternity.

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This may seem like a big opening line, but we have experienced this in a transforming way.  Standing in the back hall of Lyndhurst Chapel may seem like a long way from the throne room of God but we have discovered that it’s not!!

And they were calling to one another:

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty;

the whole earth is full of his glory.”

(Isaiah 6:3)

We have been reminded that whilst we ensure that our basic needs of food, drink, shelter etc. are provided for, our basic needs in our relationship with Jesus are to have a love for him, to communicate with him in prayer and to develop our relationship with him. Seek first the kingdom of God!

And as we develop our relationship and know him more and more he would give us his gifts for his purposes.  Whether that be gifts of faith, healing, prophecy or discernment we continue to pray that these gifts would be outworked among us with testimony after testimony of lives transformed through the amazing work of the Holy Spirit in us.

We want to stoke the boiler and ensure that we are on fire for the purposes of God amongst us individually and in our church.


We will continue to put Jesus first in all we do as we follow his will and earnestly pray for his kingdom to advance.

John Masheder


John Masheder

19 January 2017

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