Week of prayer – Tuesday

When people meet to talk to our sovereign God, we should realise that we can never really know what to expect.  Perhaps we come expecting to sit or stand in a little circle and endure an hour or so of muttering and murmuring.  Perhaps we expect to hear words and prophecies and feel uplifted and warm inside.  Or perhaps God has a totally different plan for us – one where he lifts our heads, opens our eyes and redirects our gaze to him and his purposes.  He shows us that he cares for our needs individually, corporately and for the well being of the population of this nation and the whole earth – a people that he has loved from before the beginning of time.

God has confirmed our call to be beacons in our community, to recognise the value of prayer and relationship with him.  Whilst people may be stuck at jobs, sitting at computers, going about their business, God is still at work in our lives.

He recognises our needs – for the lonely , for the sick, for the grieving and for the lost to be saved.  As we pray, he hears – we prayed to see people released from the things that drag them down and for people in our extended community to be saved.

We prayed for babies and young children born among us that they would grow and be brought up into strong God fearing, God loving disciples taking their full place in the church.

And we also prayed that, in the same way that a tsunami wave first pulls all the water back from a beach before rising up as a huge wave of immense power, if the current feeling of drought in seeing people saved is caused by a pulling back ready to release a huge wave of God’s power across the land, then send it quickly Lord.

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In the evening meeting, we were invited into the very presence of God to worship and adore him. To be reminded that he is the bringer of joy and lightness, and to recognise the joy in our salvation.

We were also encouraged to ensure that, just as sour dough bread needs the sour dough “core ingredients” to be constantly fed and topped up, before a small part of that core is included in the bread to make it rise, so we need each member of the church to be fed and topped up by the Holy Spirit.  In that way we can do our job in ensuring that we are the ingredient in the mix that does God’s will to our fullest potential.

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There are some huge prophecies over this nation including one by Smith Wigglesworth in 1947 – (http://www.byfaith.co.uk/paulrevival5.htm).

This prophecy reminds us that God’s timetable and purposes are not rushed, but are huge and exciting.  To that end we are to throw off cynicism and anything that prevents us from working for, and ushering in the kingdom of God in our place and in our day.  Not to despise prophecies that are God given and a clear focus or encouragement for our church.

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We will continue to pray over the coming days and of course much more over the coming year.

God’s purposes will not be derailed by the actions of weak men – the kingdom of God is advancing and forceful men take hold of it.  Let’s take hold of it.

John Masheder


If you need clarification or explanation of words and pictures mentioned here then please ask – contact any of the elders or feel free to email johnmasheder@bexleyheathcommunitychurch.co.uk if you want more details.

John Masheder

18 January 2017

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